What to know before diving into logo creation?

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How to create a characterful logo that will be perfect, functional, and effectively communicate brand values? When creating a logo, we should never prioritize our own taste or opinion over data. We might end up with a logo that we like but doesn’t work.

5 important answers for a perfect logo with character

  1. What character and values best represent my brand?
    E.g., dynamic, youthful, conservative, luxurious, affordable, creative, playful, empathetic,…. dynamická, mladícka, konzervatívna, luxusná, dostupná, kreatívna, pojašená, empatická,…
  2. What are my products/services? What makes them unique? Where will I be selling them?
  3. Who is the target audience? What are the values, expectations, concerns of my target audience?
    E.g., the target audience for a local children’s clothing manufacturer might be new moms. Their value is healthy clothing for their children, which is produced locally and sustainably. They expect high-quality products, natural materials, and a responsible approach to production from the brand. They are concerned that dressing their children in synthetics from China will impact their health and the future of the planet.
  4. Who is my direct competition? What is their visual communication?
    We want to stand out, not copy and blend in with the crowd.
  5. In what situations will the logo be used?
    E.g., online on the website, as an app icon, as a profile picture on social networks, in printed form on documents, embroidered on textiles, …

Furthermore, it is certainly necessary to have a clear time frame in which you need to have the logo ready and a budget that we are willing to invest in the new logo.

If you have honestly and sincerely answered these questions, you can confidently embark on creating your own logo. Surely, these 5 “secret” ingredients for a perfect logo with character will help you as well. And then, it’s time to get started on the actual creation! We have put together a short guide for you – How to Create a Logo? A Crash Course in Creating a Characterful Logo.

May the logo be with you!

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