How to Create a Logo? A Crash Course in Crafting a Logo with Character

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So, you’re starting a business, launching a new product or service, professionalizing your social media presence, or whatever led you to the thought that you need your own logo, but you’re not sure where to start? Since you’re reading these lines, you’re probably ready to dive into the exciting world of logo creation, hm? Let’s take a look together at the fundamental pillars of logo creation, which not only looks good but also perfectly represents the character and values of your brand.

What is a logo?

The basic lesson could be:

Furthermore, the ideal logo should also best represent the values and character of the brand with regard to the target audience. It should emanate energy with which your audience can easily identify and emotionally connect.

What do you need to know before starting logo creation?

When creating a logo, we should never prioritize our own taste or opinion over data. We might end up with a logo that we like but doesn’t work. A functional logo as the foundation of a brand’s visual identity should always be based on answers to 5 important questions about your brand, products, or competition. Certainly, we shouldn’t forget to mix in 5 “secret” ingredients of a perfect logo.

How to create a logo – the A to Z creation process

If you’ve already answered the basic questions about you, your brand, its target audience, and competition, and you’re also armed with universal wisdom about the logo and its importance, it’s time to get into the actual creation.

  1. Define your logo style:
    • Logotype – stylized text (Coca-Cola)
    • Emblem (Starbucks)
    • Symbol/Icon (Twitter)
    • Monogram (McDonald’s)
    • Abstract logo (Nike)
    • Mascot (KFC)
    • Combination of symbol/icon and text (Lacoste)
  2. Words first, then pictures: Write the name of your brand in the center of the paper and gradually attach all the word associations that come to mind, and further develop them with branches of related words. The point is to discover connections, associations, and specific design elements that won’t be obvious but still descriptive.
  3. Let your creativity flow freely: Grab your favorite drawing tools and let your imagination run wild. Imagine it as a brainstorming session with pen and paper. Doodle, doodle, and let the creative juices flow. At this point, colors don’t matter.
  4. Digitize your final doodle: Time to involve technology! Here you may encounter unexpected complications associated with digitizing your sketches. Basic knowledge of vector graphics software will be required. Yes, the logo must be processed in vectors, i.e., curves. After converting the logo to digital black and white form, define the color scheme and choose an appropriate font.
  5. Share the love – seek feedback: Don’t keep your logo to yourself. Share it with friends, family, neighbors, passersby… Strangers’ eyes can catch things you might have overlooked. However, don’t ask if they like the logo, but rather what feelings it evokes and what it conveys to them.
  6. Test, and then test some more: The logo should feel comfortable everywhere – on a business card, website, or maybe even on a banner pulled by an airplane in the sky (Sky is the limit?). Make sure it shines in all its glory, wherever it appears.
  7. Legal check – avoid problems: Before emotionally attaching to your logo, do a little research. Make sure your logo doesn’t blatantly resemble the logos of Facebook, Google, Apple, Xiaomi,… You don’t want corporate lawyers breathing down your neck just because your logo looks like theirs, or you’ve used a color they have protected in all EU, UK, USA, Asia, Africa, and adjacent universe states – trust me. Use, for example, Google image search or even involve AI.
  8. 3…2…1 – LAUNCH – Let everyone hear it: Announcing the new logo must be audible. Everyone must know about it. And from now on, the new logo must be everywhere. And if you think it’s already everywhere, look in the fridge. And if it doesn’t jump out at you, your work isn’t done.

The logo creation process should be an adventure and fun. Stay true to yourself, and you will create a logo that reflects the heart and soul of your brand. If you would appreciate an experienced guide on this adventurous journey, we’re here for you 🙂

May the logo be with you!

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