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Soft & inviting design of the Morningside Hospice logo

Logo design for a company providing home healthcare for patients with terminal illness.

Logo for a hotel supplier in UAE

Ensō is a company that supplies bed linens, towels, and other room amenities to hotels in the United Arab Emirates.

Logo for an online yachting club

MyHarbors is a company that has developed a mobile application for connecting communities of boaters in an online environment – a sort of virtual yachting club.

POLISHED Visual Identity

📦 Branded kit a.k.a. Design system

From logo design to templates for online communication, banners, presentations, animations, all the way to print design, promotional items, and office or facility signage.

All in accordance and harmony with the values and character of your brand ☸

(We don’t do billboards for personal reasons 🤮)

Exploring the brand’s visual vibe…

🦸‍♀️ Boujee logo

Functional, technically flawless responsive logo that proudly, understandably, and effectively represents your brand values. Always and everywhere.

  • Primary logo version (usually square)
  • Secondary version (usually horizontal variant)
  • Icon (representative symbol)
  • Animated logo
  • Sonic logo (ideal for podcasts, radio, or videos)
  • Logo manual (to prevent misuse of the logo)”

More about boujee logo…

🚂 Logomotion

The world is constantly in motion, the online space is dominated by video, and audience attention shrinks into milliseconds. Grab them for your brand! Bring your logo to life!

More about logo animation…

🦋 Social templates

You need templates for social media. Because it’s crucial to be visually CONSISTENT, so you can be found, distinguished, and remembered in the sea of all the brands.

More about social media graphics…

🎬 Intro/Outro animations

Intro and outro animations for your kickass video content.

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🪪 Brand with character

🔬 Brand audit

🪞 Character definition

📛 NAMING - name, title

🎨 Visual identity

😍 Additional identity elements

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Polished Visual Identity



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